A Long Journey

My name is Ethan Long, and I’m an author from Ohio. Back in 2012, I self-published a book I had been working on for six years. Thanks to the support of many Kickstarter backers, my first title, The Tales of True Mythology: Discovery, was born.

Although available online in a print copy for purchase, I grew tired of unsuccessful and expensive marketing. I just want people to read my story and, hopefully, love it. Plus, I wanted to make some tweaks to improve it.

So Tomehaven was created. Here on this site, not only is Discovery available to read for free, but also its unpublished sequel, Atlantis. I am also writing a separate series called Favor, just for fun.

So, please, enjoy! I hope to continue my True Mythology series with the third installment here, and work toward publication again someday. Until then, Tomehaven will be its home.

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