Favor – Vol 2 – Iron Scepter

“And this is a desert,” Jaina whispered, “I never knew there could be so much sand.”

“If you think this is grand, wait till you see how much water is in the ocean.”

The crew of the Iron Appaloosa continue their journey

The sequel to the first volume of Favor! The motley band has escaped the walls of the City and now they’re in the great wide world. Their journey takes them south to a small nation on the coast and an island nation not far off. The problem is the two nations hate each other, and the group is caught in between. This story sets them off in pursuit of the fabled Iron Scepter before an enemy finds it, while trying to not incite a war between old rivals.

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Favor – Volume 2: The Iron Scepter is available as an ebook and a pdf for easy printing.