The Tales of True Mythology – Discovery

Autumn was his favorite time of year. It seemed the most magical with the vibrant display of the trees and sudden change to cold; everything changed. Summer was losing its grasp on the world, and magic was beginning to stir in the earth.

Here you can start Logan’s adventure into the world of Katalon.

Discovery is Book One of The Tales of True Mythology. The story follows Logan Rhodotus from the small town of Farwell. After a discovery in his great-grandmother’s attic, Logan begins to see fragments of a mythical world that has always been around him.

Soon he is swept up into a race for his life, running from a dangerous pursuer while trying to unravel the mystery of his great-grandmother’s secrets.

Before the discovery, a tree was just a tree and a horse was just a horse. Now his small world has broken into a grand and wondrous adventure of endless possibilities.

Start the Journey

You can get a taste of the story here with the first three chapters of Discovery.

Or download the full book by clicking the link below. The free copy comes in pdf format for easy e-reader access.